Suggested Donation: $25.00

Thank you for investing in Virginia’s Veterans

Every gift to the Virginia Veterans Services Foundation will lend a helping hand to veterans in need and honor all veterans for their service and sacrifice.  Your donation will support critical programs and services for Virginia’s veterans and their families that are not covered by state or federal funds.  Whatever you give, please know that every gift – no matter what size – is very important to this effort.

Donate By Mail

Please place a check or money order made out to the Veterans Services Foundation and in the “Note” section, put the veterans program from the How We Serve page or the initials of the program to which you wish to contribute. Please do not use acronyms or abbreviations, but “Virginia” can be omitted.  Place the donation in a envelope and mail it to:

Veterans Services Foundation
James Monroe Building
101 North 14th Street
17th Floor
Richmond, Virginia 23219

If you are sending a money order or casher’s check, please include the name and address of the donor and the veterans program for which it is intended.

Donate Online

Use the form below to make a donation online. If you would like to contribute to a specific project, such as Operation Holiday Spirit, cemetery plantings, etc., please check the box for the appropriate program and indicate in the “Other” section how your contribution should be used.

If you would like to contribute to multiple projects, please make separate contributions.

Thank you for your generous support for veterans and their families.

Minimum Donation: $25.00

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