As a contributor, you may join with others who, like you, value and appreciate the sacrifices our troops and their families make for our freedom and peace of mind. You may show your support for veterans through:

  • Payroll Deductions
  • Matching Gifts
  • Honorary and Memorial Gifts
  • Gifts In-kind
  • Estate Planning Gifts
  • Securities as Gifts

Please contact the Foundation for contributions relating to in-kind donations, estate planning gifts, and securities for additional information.

In addition, the Foundation encourages individuals and organizations to plan, organize, and conduct fundraising events to provide funds for Virginia’s veterans and their families through assisting in funding the Department of Veterans Services programs found on the “How We Serve” page of this website.  For more information, see the “Contact” page.

The Foundation, through the Donor Bill of Rights, shall ensure:

  • Contributions are used in accordance with the donor’s intentions
  • Privacy of all donors is respected – donor information shall not be sold, rented, exchanged, loaned, and otherwise shared with other non-profits and other third parties
  • Proper stewardship of all revenue sources to include timely reports on the use and management of the funds
  • Donors receive informed, accurate, and ethical advice about the value and tax implications of contributions

Significant Contributors since 2008*

$1,000 or more in one or multiple donations are listed, but all donations, no matter how large or small are greatly appreciated. The Foundation salutes the Department of Veterans Services, staff, care centers, cemeteries, and Virginia Veteran and Family Support Program (Virginia Wounded Warrior Program) teams and numerous volunteers. Without their dedicated support, the Foundation could not receive the large number of contributions needed to assist Virginia’s veterans and their families.

* If viewers have comments or questions, please contact Karla Boughey,  Many thanks for your support of our veterans and their families.

* Donors have the opportunity to have their names removed from this list at any time.

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