The Virginia Veterans Services Foundation (the Foundation) is established as an independent body politic and corporate state agency supporting the Virginia Department of Veterans Services. The Foundation is composed of a governing board of trustees, supporting staff, donors, volunteers, and other interested parties.

The Foundation is governed and administered by a supervisory board of trustees. The Foundation shall (i) administer the Veterans Services Fund (the Fund), (ii) provide funding for veterans services and programs in the Commonwealth through the Fund, and (iii) accept and raise revenue from all sources including private source fundraising to support the Fund.

The Foundation seeks to:

  • Inspire others through its own sense of dedication and high purpose;
  • Value the privacy, freedom of choice, and interests of all those affected by its actions;
  • Foster cultural diversity, pluralistic values, and treat all people with dignity and respect;
  • Support the Donor Bill of Rights.

Board of Trustees


VSF Representative

Board Chair

Frank Finelli

Board 1st Vice Chair

Jack Hilgers

Board 2nd Vice Chair

Al Pianalto

Finance Committee Chair

Walter Stosch

Finance Committee Assistant Chair

Matice Wright

Development Committee Chair

John Lesinski

Development Committee Assistant Chair

Anthony Gitalado

Procedures and Policies Committee Chair

Jack Hilgers

Procedures and Policies Committee Assistant Chair

Jack Lanier

Board Member

Brad Antle

Board Member

Robin Beres

Board Member

Allan Burke

Board Member

Nicole Carry

Board Member

Douglas Cox

Board Member

Frank Driscoll

Board Member

Paul Haughton, Jr.

Ex Officio

Carlos Hopkins

Ex Officio

Michael Dick

Ex Officio

Frank Wickersham, III

Executive Director: Karla Williams Boughey

Treasurer: Tammy Davidson

Secretary: Tiffany Robertson