The Virginia Veterans Services Foundation was established to support the interest of Virginia Veterans and their families. The Foundation is governed and administered by an appointed Board of Trustees.

The Virginia Veterans Services Foundation provides supplemental funding for designated Veteran programs and services when state and federal funds are not available. The Foundation depends solely on contributions from the generosity of community and civic organizations, businesses and corporations, grants, and caring individuals. 100% of all contributions made to the Virginia Veterans Services Foundation provide direct support to our veterans in crisis or in need of assistance. Each dollar raised stays right here in Virginia.

Donations to the Foundation may be tax-deductible under § 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Board of Trustees


VSF Representative

Board Chair

John Lesinski

Board 1st Vice Chair

Nicole Carry

Board 2nd Vice Chair

Paul Haughton, Jr.

Finance Committee Chair

Walter Stosch

Development Committee Chair

Laura Schmiegel

Development Committee Assistant Chair

Allan Burke

Procedures and Policies Committee Chair

Jack Lanier

Board Member

Lettie Bien

Board Member

Paula Buckley

Board Member

Michael Coleman

Board Member

Kyle Craig

Board Member

John Esposito

Board Member

Phillip Jones

Board Member

Jarris L. Taylor, Jr.

Board Member

Bruce Waxman

Board Member

Valerie Zimmerman

Ex Officio

Craig Crenshaw, Secretary of Veterans and Defense Affairs

Ex Officio

Michael Dick, BVS Chair

Ex Officio

Denice Williams, JLC Chair

Executive Director: Karla Williams Boughey

Operations Manager: James McCue

Treasurer: Tammy Davidson